Riso Digital Duplicators
Riso EZ221


Easy and economical legal-sized printing


Versatile and colorful printing for smaller budgets

Generate excitement and increase retention by adding spot color with the affordable EZ221 digital duplicator. With the EZ221’s low operating costs and high reliability, you can double or even triple printing output without increasing printing expenditures. Plus, you can print on a variety of paper stocks, such as newsprint, construction paper, postcards, and envelopes.


Fast printing of letterhead, envelopes, and more

It’s easier and faster than ever to produce flyers, letterhead, calendars, posters, menus, envelopes, and more! The EZ221 prints up to 130 ppm, so your print jobs are completed quickly and you have more time to attend to additional tasks.


Environmentally friendly

Environmental concerns are a key part of the design process for every RISO digital duplicator, and the EZ221 is no exception. Like all RISO digital duplicators, the EZ221 is ENERGY STAR compliant. Energy Saving Mode lowers running costs by automatically turning the printer off or placing it in sleep mode after user selected period without operation. Features like AutoPower Off and Auto Sleep modes and the ability to print on recycled stocks make the EZ221 an environmentally friendly printing choice.



RISO i Quality SystemTM: The RISO EZ221 is equipped with the RISO i Quality System. Two-way communication between RISO i Quality System equipped printers and their supplies is made via integrated RF (Radio Frequency) tags. These tags relay information to the printer, assuring optimum first print quality and superior output throughout the entire job.


User Management:Eliminating the need for key card counters, User Management allows you to setup 100 accounts and 32 groups, making it simple to budget by department or user group. User Management lets you set up new user groups, rename, disable, limit usage, and get usage reports, giving you control of your printing and budgeting needs.


Front operation: Thoughtful design makes it simple to change colors and refresh supplies in the EZ221. The printer’s front section opens wide and the master making unit pulls out like a drawer, allowing easy placement of a fresh master roll.





Riso EZ391


Easy and economical ledger-sized printing


Enhanced ledger-format printing

RISO’s new EZ391 is an entry-level ledger-sized digital duplicator offering 600e dpi imaging, with 11” x 17” printing and scanning, glass platen, and an intuitive LED key pad user panel. With new features and benefits previously not available in older models, such as the new ECO Mode, the EZ391 brings technological advances and increased customer satisfaction over previous generation models.


Enhanced printing

Print on a wide range of stocks from thick media to odd-sized and die-cut stocks, recycled papers, envelopes, and more. Spot color can also be added easily and affordably to produce high-quality newsletters, calendars, posters, and more! Additionally, the RISO i Quality SystemTM consistently monitors the status of the digital duplicator along with its supplies, while automatically making adjustments to ensure the best print quality in every print.


High-quality 600e dpi imaging

Providing much improved imaging over standard 300 x 600 dpi imaging, the EZ391 features 600e dpi imaging (dpi refers to the actual number of perforations in the master that the digital duplicator produces from a scan). 600e dpi digitally enhances the 300 x 600 scanned data to emulate a 600 dpi output image. The perforations are paired, providing an appearance of a smoother line than is obtained with 300 x 600 dpi.


Green is good

The EZ391 has a new ECO Mode feature, providing a competitive edge by setting new standards for environmentally-friendly printing! When activated, the ECO Mode decreases the printing pressure, reducing power consumption by 3%! Like all RISO digital duplicators, the EZ391 is ENERGY STAR certified, making it a sound environmental choice!


Additional features

RISO i Quality SystemTM:Two-way communication between RISO i Quality System equipped printers and their supplies is made via integrated RF (Radio Frequency) tags. These tags relay information to the printer, assuming optimum first print quality and superior output throughout the entire job. The i Quality light panel on the EZ391 indicates ink and master levels, as well as when the master disposal box needs to be emptied, when and where there are paper jams, along with check settings, and call for service.


User Management:Make budgeting by department or user group simple! User Management allows you to set up 100 accounts and 32 groups, eliminating the need for key card counters. Take control of your printing and budgeting needs by using this feature to set up new user groups, rename, disable, limit usage, and get usage reports!


Progress arrows:RISO’s progress arrows provide visual confirmation of the status of where you are in the master-making or printing process.





Riso MZ790


Two-color digital duplicator


Now you have a choice: printing in a single color or adding the drama of a second color—all in a single pass. Offering 2-color printing in a single pass, the MZ790 features the ease of use and quality output that make RISO printers the world’s favorite. Advanced technology makes color separation, master-making, and printing little more than a push button operation, and the vast array of RISO inks offers you a huge selection of colors to choose from to add extra impact to all your documents.


When you want to produce documents with the power and impact that two colors bring, the MZ790 is the easy, efficient answer offering two-color printing in a single pass. For speed and ease, you can run the MZ790 as a single-color printer to output simple documents that don’t need the extra impact of a second color.


RISO printers are known worldwide for their high speed and high quality, and the MZ790 is no exception. The MZ790 boasts the world’s fastest print speed for a two- color, one-pass digital duplicator—a blazing 150 ppm. The MZ790 will enhance your productivity by completing your longest print jobs in an astonishingly short time, taking less than seven minutes to print 1,000 pages.


600 dpi scanningThe scanner boasts 600 dpi resolution to ensure that even the finest details are clearly picked up and transmitted to the master- making section.


600e dpi printing600e dpi printing is your assurance of beautiful output quality with smoother lines, finer gradations for photos, and even tiny typefaces clearly legible.


RISO EditorWith the RISO Editor, you can quickly and directly specify which areas should be in which of the two colors, and even move, erase, or reverse blocks of text, photos, or illustrations to enhance the your document.


Advanced FunctionalityScan and store frequently used items such as letterhead and forms. If you wish to print a document on letterhead, simply recall the data and it is automatically overlaid on the master.




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