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ScanPro 3000

The Only Ultra High Definition Microfilm Scanner



Highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image


This new ScanPro 3000 brings Ultra High Definition scanning to microfilm with an unprecedented 26 megapixel camera, allowing for never-before-seen archival quality images from all forms of microfilm. The new camera capabilities are the highest of any microfilm scanner and and the images will print at over 500 dpi on a letter page, making the ScanPro 3000 the highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image.


Use the on-screen magnifier to inspect details at up to 800%


The on-screen magnifier lets you inspect the smallest text and image detail by magnifying it up to 800%.


SP Scanned Image Sample




ScanPro 2000


The ScanPro® 2000 Video: See the features of the microform scanner of choice for librarians, researchers and corporations in action.



The ultra-compact ScanPro 2000 is a universal scanner that features high-resolution optics and fast, high-resolution scanning at all magnifications. It has a desktop footprint the size of two sheets of letter-sized paper and can easily fit into almost any location. Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets you automatically locate selected words on your microfilm and and to link to secondary sources of information when doing research. And with a single click you can create word searchable PDF's. The REMOTE-Access feature, standard on all units, makes that information accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, using a PC with an internet connection.




ScanPro 800

The Low Cost Microfilm Scanner for All of Your Microfilm Applications


The ScanPro 800 is low cost and high performance


The ScanPro 800 has the same robust design as the ScanPro 2000 and is built for the rigors of public use but has a considerably lower price. If you are looking for a microfilm scanner and don’t need the automatic and special features found on the ScanPro 2000, the ScanPro 800 is what you are looking for.


The scanner with a proven track record of reliability


The ScanPro 800 is the lowest cost, highest quality microfilm scanner in the micrographic’s industry. No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro for its proven track record of performance and reliability. AND, since the ScanPro 800 and the ScanPro 2000 hardware is the same, you can upgrade your ScanPro 800 to a fully functional ScanPro 2000 at any time (contact your reseller for details). No other scanner on the market can provide this upgrade capability.




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