Toshiba Color Copiers
High Volume

High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform.


With every new series of MFPs, we look to more than a century of advanced Toshiba technology to continually improve speed, performance and functionality. Now, with the integration of the new generation e-BRIDGE platform, the possibilities are limitless. In addition to speeds up to 65 brilliant color pages per minute, the new e-STUDIO5540c/6540c/6550c platform provides increased security, connectivity, manageability, energy savings and, best of all, solutions readiness.


e-STUDIO5540c e-STUDIO6540c e-STUDIO6550c Color Copier


e-STUDIO5540c e-STUDIO6540c e-STUDIO6550c Color Copier Brochure


Medium Volume

There’s more to Toshiba color than ever before.


Now you can copy, print, scan and fax with an MFP that’s smaller, quieter, sleeker, and faster than ever. The new e-STUDIO5055c & e-STUDIO3555cseries from Toshiba is designed to replace black and white printing with affordable full color, while still offering high quality black and white


e-STUDIO4555C e-STUDIO5055C Color Copier


e-STUDIO4555C e-STUDIO5055C Color Copier Brochure


e-STUDIO2555C e-STUDIO3055C e-STUDIO3555C Color Copier


e-STUDIO2555C e-STUDIO3055C e-STUDIO3555C Color Copier Brochure


Low Volume

The color MFP you didn’t know you could afford.


Many small businesses and home offices have been limited to color printers’ basic features, until now. That’s because Toshiba technology, performance and quality are available as entry-level MFPs. Introducing the e-STUDIO2550c and e-STUDIO2551c series, only from Toshiba. We’ve taken “entry-level” to a whole new level.


e-STUDIO2050C e-STUDIO2550C Color Copier


e-STUDIO2050C e-STUDIO2550C Color Copier Brochure


e-STUDIO2051C e-STUDIO2551C Color Copier


e-STUDIO2051C e-STUDIO2551C Color Copier Brochure


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